Established in 1994, Eversleeve accumulates professional & solid experiences in customizing the automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine. Building reputations of technology, creativity, service and cordiality, Eversleeve wins big customers like Uni-President, Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle and Unilever.


Eversleeve products have been pushed to the global market by agents all over the world that makes “Esleeve” become the world-class brand of designing, manufacturing automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine and related service provider.


Sleeve labeling can be applied to the packaging of multiple types of products, including beverage, CD box, cosmetics, medicine, daily supply, etc., as well as to different kinds of containers, including bottles, cans, cups, etc. The shape of the bottles can be either round, oval, square, rectangular or even cone-shaped.


Range of application:

  • The bottle diameter is between 22mm~155mm. Available for Before/After Filling containers.
  • Shrink film applies for:

            -  Inner Diameter (I.D.): 5”~10”

            - Outer Diameter (O.D.): 480mm

            - Thickness: 0.035mm~0.08mm

            - Height: Unnecessary to design-changes within 30mm~300mm

  • Available for all types of shrink sleeve material such as PVC, PET, OPS, PLA, etc.


Eversleeve provides many different types of shrink sleeve labeling machines, which can be applied to different kinds of production lines. The efficacy of the equipment brings users convenience and profits.


Some of the characteristics include:

  • Machine is made of #304 stainless steel and combines strong frame with nice looking.
  • Designed with modular structure which is easy to operate and bottle change quite fast and convenient.
  • Conveyor feature ramp up and down for high-speed application with bottle flow control system for stability and fluency of the whole production line.
  • All processing parts are made in Taiwan with absolutely solid quality.
  • Program running reflects the way of being humane and pragmatic needs. Options are available for Mitsubishi, Siemens and AB systems.
  • Colour Operation Panel may save up 200 groups of formula from different type of bottles, and also is capable of instructing how to perform trouble shooting.
  • A number of patents by innovative design, also gained Germany Rhine CE Certified.


Take auto shrink sleeving machine (ESM-600/800) for example. Its labeling speed features ramp up and ramp down from 200BPM to 600BPM that effectively solve the problem of the first bottle falling down which easily occurs when high-speed starting.

PLC will automatically calculate sleeve-shooting timing, without adjusting bottle-detecting sensor, according to the signal of conveyor speed. Spring-loaded type sleeve-feeding mechanism adopts analogical induction mode for smooth operation at higher speed. Equipped with numeric-type location counter for quick and convenient change-over.