Glory Foods Processing Machinery CO., LTD., a professional manufacturer specializing in food processing machinery, was established in January 1994, "safety, high efficiency, zero failure, quality first, service first" is their goal. They put so much effort on making the best wealth-generating equipment for their customers. So far, they have many customers and rich experience. The machine designed and manufactured by them is designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs of customers, and can perform integrated planning services according to the peripheral equipment required by customers. The company's members are all senior professional technicians, in addition to providing customers with regular maintenance services, and accept customer consultation. If there is a problem with the customer's machine, it can also be handled quickly with a consistent and enthusiastic attitude, and good service is well-known. They have always cooperated with customers in a serious and down-to-earth manner, and continue to develop innovative technologies and introduce various innovative equipment to meet customer needs, in order to achieve customer satisfaction and praise for quality and service.


In order to enhance its competitiveness and serve a wider customer base, Glory Foods Processing Machinery has many products and equipment, including high-efficiency basket washing machines, meat / aquatic / vegetable processing equipment, packaging equipment, and personal safety equipment They also act as an agent to import equipment from internationally renowned brands. They continue to pursue technological breakthroughs and continue to research and develop new models. At the same time, they upgrade existing models, provide comprehensive after-sales service, and develop efficient equipment to meet customer needs.


Glory Foods Processing Machinery is known for its container washing machine, which can be used to wash different kinds of containers in all kind of sizes. It can be adjusted based on the height of the container. Inside there are nozzles can be easily adjusted to different angles and it’s very convenient to take them down for cleaning. With powerful waterjet, the wash can be done efficiently. The water can be reused, which is very eco-friendly and it saves the cost. It is equipped with stainless steel chains and a variable speed motor driver by inverter. Most importantly, it’s easy to operate and can be operated by only one person.



  • One-man operating
  • Customization, multi-function
  • Easy operating
  • High efficiency, low cost, water saving, energy saving
  • It can wash various types of containers
  • Can be designed by customers’ demand




Other than container washing machine, Glory Foods Processing Machinery also manufacts other convenient equipment, including smoking chamber for meat, vegetable and soy bean products, vacuum fryer for potato, vegetable, fruit and seafoods, and also shrimp sizing machine, etc.