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  • Industrial Ice Cream Solution Provider

    Fu Chen Technology - Industrial Ice Cream Solution Provider

    This is a recently completed project by Fu Chen Technology. The content of the project includes full-automatic popsicle and ice cream plant equipment, and the production mode is fully automatic production, and is equipped with a C.I.P positioning cleaning system, so that production and cleaning are automatically completed in the pipeline, in line with standard procedures, and can greatly reduce labor costs, achieve the best benefit.           More

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  • Big UK Trial To Find Best Drugs To Fight Flu

    With flu cases rising, UK Covid scientists are turning their attention to finding the best life-saving drugs to fight the winter virus.   A trial will run across 150 hospitals this year and next, recruiting thousands of patients. Flu vaccines help prevent infection but each year some people become very sick. And antiviral tablets - given within a couple of days of symptoms developing - are designed to reduce the severity of these bad infections. One of the pills the Imperial College London team will be testing is oseltamivir, or Tamiflu, which the government has been criticised for stockpiling and spending hundreds of millions of pounds on when there were concerns about swine flu. It is recommended to treat severe flu - but whether it saves lives is unclear. Funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, the Randomised, Embedded, Multi-factorial, Adaptive Platform Trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia (Remap-Cap) will study how good the treatments are at reducing deaths and intensive care admissions. The ineffective will be dropped and new ones added.   Winter pressures   Chief investigator Prof Anthony Gordon told BBC News: "We want to learn at pace what works, just like we did during Covid. "We'll test multiple treatments in different combinations. Some are antivirals that stop the virus, others are steroids or other treatments that work on how the body responds to infections. "We hope that our trial will help to find urgently needed flu treatments rapidly. Our Covid trial changed clinical practice globally and we hope we can impact flu treatment and reduce winter pressures on the NHS in the same way."   Minister for Health and Secondary Care Will Quince said: "This innovative trial will use the lessons we learned from Covid and deliver treatments to reduce serious illness in patients with flu, ease pressure on the NHS and ultimately save lives. "While this trial aims to prevent illnesses for future flu seasons, we are now seeing increased levels of flu this year and it is vital that all those eligible for a free vaccine come forward as soon as possible." More

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     DELIVERS ONCE AGAIN FOR VISITORS AND EXHIBITORS   Visitor and exhibitor feedback following the recent PPMA Total Show 2022 has acclaimed the show a resounding success, firmly positioning it as one of the most highly valued on the UK events calendar.   Roy Green, Managing Director of Harford Control who exhibited at the show this year said, “It’s really the only exhibition in the UK worth coming to.”   From its high calibre of visitors, to the opportunities for new customer engagement and lead generation, exhibitors have been quick to praise the significance of attending the show in terms of its impact on business.  According to Nicholas Cesare, Technical Sales Director at Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd, “The calibre of customers that come through the doors is second to none.”  While Tony Hunt, Managing Director at Cobalt was clear about why his company regularly exhibits, “We always generate new leads, with new customers every time we attend.”   Playing host to over 350 stands and representing 2000 brands, the UK’s largest processing and packaging machinery, robotic and industry vision event was applauded for delivering an invaluable stage of technical innovation and discovery, as well as providing the perfect platform to learn, engage and seek expert advice.  This year’s show hosted a significant number of new product launches and ‘first showings’ of the latest in production-efficient processes, automated solutions, robotics and vision systems catering  for visitors from a wide range of sectors, from pharmaceutical, food and beverage and FMCG to building and pet food suppliers and contract packers.  “It is a great networking event and has everything you need in the processing and packaging arena.” added Roland Peacock, Partner at Hitachi Prepared By New Code   Commenting on the diverse nature of the show’s offerings, and what his company, and his fellow exhibitors had to offer visitors this year, Paul Webster, National Sales Manager at Yamato said, “It’s a one-stop shop for our customers.  We don’t provide every solution in the world, but every solution in the world is here.”   The opportunity to meet industry experts face-to-face, seek new opportunities, discover so much new technology and see so many live equipment demonstrations all under one roof is what really sets  PPMA Total Show apart from the rest, a fact not lost on Brian Povall-McMahon, Site Engineering Manager for the UK’s 4th largest supermarket chain, Morrisons.  “I’m a great believer in getting out there, and these kind of shows are perfect for that.”   Nicole Carr, Project Manager at Pepsico added her own insight into the latest market offerings on display throughout the exhibition. “It’s nice to be able to get round and see all the new equipment…. it’s good to see what other technologies are out in the market and see what other opportunities we can explore.”   Show visitors were also rewarded with a first-class seminar programme of informative and educational presentations and opinion-led industry insights centred around the theme ‘The Future Of…’.  Compiled specifically to address the many challenges facing UK industry, the topics ranged from the latest smart technologies and solutions, product testing and compliance, anti-counterfeiting, cyber security workforce wellbeing and import regulations, through to sustainability, how to maximise efficiencies, minimise energy consumption and deliver cost savings.   PPMA Total Show 2022 also played host to the PPMA Group Awards.  Category winners were presented with their awards and praised by the judges for their creativity, smart technologies and innovative solutions, focussed on increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs as well as delivering excellence in customer service and support.  (Further information on award categories and winners)    “It is both overwhelming and gratifying to receive such positive and encouraging feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike,“ said Richard Little, PPMA Show Director.  “We are delighted that once again, in its 34th year, PPMA total Show has delivered an event that reaches into the very heart of our industry, addressing the needs of our members as well as delivering on the aspirations and expectations of our visitors.”   Summing up the very essence of PPMA Total Show 2022, Gareth Pugh, Technical Sales at Reece Robotic Automation concluded, “It’s the quality of the leads; it’s the atmosphere; it’s everything about it.”   PPMA Show 2023 returns next year and will run from 26-28th September.    Stand enquiries can be made at  Pre-register at More

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