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  • Free Curcumin Goes to the Brain and Beyond in a New Study

    Highly bioavailable BCM-95® curcumin extract addresses Alzheimer’s disease beyond the brain. Kerala, India — A new study reveals Arjuna Natural Pvt, Ltd.’s CURCUGREEN® (BCM-95®) turmeric extract could potentially help lessen damage from Alzheimer’s disease on organs other than the brain. With the global population of seniors poised to double by 2050, concern about Alzheimer’s is something of high importance to a third of the world’s population, making its prevention and relief from its symptoms critical issues.   Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of around two-thirds of dementia cases, worldwide. It is marked by progressive deficit in memory and cognitive ability, leading to deterioration of mood, motivation, language, immunity, and behavior. The majority of the focus on Alzheimer’s disease is on what it does to the brain. But the progress of the disease is not confined to the central nervous system. Alzheimer’s disease also involves damage to the peripheral organs, including the spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys, and brain stem. These co-pathologies are what make Alzheimer’s ultimately fatal.   The new study, published in the June, 2021 issue of the science journal Antioxidants, built on ample previous studies demonstrating the powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-amyloid properties of curcumin, the most concentrated source being from the turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa). The study was conducted on male and female transgenic mice by Jayeeta Manna, PhD, Gary Dunbar, PhD, and Panchanan Maiti, PhD, at the Field Neurosciences Institute, Central Michigan University, US, and investigated how the highly bioavailable curcuminoid formulation, CURCUGREEN (BCM-95), can help prevent abnormalities in peripheral organs of sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease.   In the study, the subject mice orally received the equivalent of 100 mg/kg of CURCUGREEN (BCM-95) for two months. Cellular changes in the spleen, liver, kidney, and lungs were investigated for cell death, amyloid deposition, pTau levels (nerve fiber markers of Alzheimer’s), pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory markers, and overall cell death/survival markers.   Results showed that CURCUGREEN (BCM-95) reduced enlargement and degeneration of the spleen, inflammation in the kidney, lung damage, and damage to the liver, including enlargement of liver cells and inflammation of the central hepatic vein. The results also showed a reduction in cell death in all these areas. In the brain, CURCUGREEN (BCM-95) also decreased amyloid deposition, pTau, cell loss, and reductions in inflammatory markers. “We are encouraged by this suggestion that curcumin could help protect against secondary organ stress and cellular damage, and help against overall damage wrought by this undiscriminating disease,” says Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna and inventor of CURCUGREEN (BCM-95).   One of the primary advantages of CURCUGREEN’s (BCM-95) curcuminoid compounds is the unusually high bioavailability. Curcuminoid compounds typically have poor solubility in most body fluids, limiting their bioavailability. However, free curcumin levels achieved with the bioavailable formulation of curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric in CURCUGREEN (BCM-95) proved to be about 200 to 300 times more prevalent in the blood, brain, liver and kidney than levels reported for natural curcumin in other studies, demonstrating unprecedented bioavailability.   “Cognitive health is emerging as one of the more serious health issues facing an aging population,” adds Antony. “But in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, the co-morbid damage to the rest of the body’s critical structures raises the stakes of prevention and mitigation quite literally to life or death status. At Arjuna, we believe that maintaining physical brain and body health naturally through safe and effective plant-based ingredients is a game-changer. Our highly bioavailable turmeric extract can be an important weapon in the campaign against this devastating, yet widely prevalent, disease.”   About Arjuna Natural Pvt, Ltd.For more than a quarter of a century Arjuna Natural (Arjuna Natural Pvt., Ltd.) has been India’s leading manufacturer of standardized spice and botanical extracts for food supplement industries dedicated to ecofriendly and sustainable practices. Established in 1992, the company has grown rapidly, with customers in 64 countries and has an advanced research facility that works in collaboration with international universities on phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation, development, pre-clinical and toxicity studies. Arjuna Natural’s facilities comply with the highest world standards, are GMP-certified, and have ISO, NSF, Halal and Star-K kosher. More


  • PROPAK VIETNAM 2021: Keep The Pulse On New Trends And Make Business Connections In Processing And Packaging Industry

    In 2020, COVID-19 has changed the conversation around every consumer behaviour in packaging industry. Being one of the first Asian countries to successfully contain the spread of the pandemic, Vietnam’s packaging industry has remained strong and witnessed a slight increase in demand of Food, FMCG, Retailers… despite the market volatilities arising from the closure of retail outlets and horeca establishment. According to the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association, the demand for packaging paper was expected to strengthen to a pace of 14% over the next five to ten years. Also, the booming e-commerce market that has risen 30% year-on-year, the increasing foreign investment and the favorable regulatory environment have led a strong growth in packaging demand of the country.   2021 has seen also the expansion of overseas packaging groups towards Vietnamese market. As Vietnam takes the position of a favoured manufacturing hub, foreign investors have been seeking the opportunities in the country to implement their operations and foster their business. Thailand’s Siam Cement Group PLC entered into 70% Share Purchase Agreement with Duy Tan Plastics JSC, the leading company in the plastic goods markets in Vietnam last February 2021.   Registered the high FDI inflow of USD 24.56 million (equivalent to 64.6% in total), the processing industry is expected to take a leap into its development stage in 2020. Thus, the slight chance from the rising local demand, the FDI inflow and the free trade agreement (FTA) have made a room for the processing and packaging industry to become a key driver of Vietnam’s economic in the future.   ProPak Vietnam has prided itself in supporting the processing and packaging industry for 14 years. Returning to Ho Chi Minh city this July, ProPak Vietnam 2021 aims to become a premier networking for all domestic and international industry’s practitioners. It is a celebration of the cutting-edge products and technologies of the packaging in Food & Beverages, FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries. This year, 580 exhibitors from 31 countries and regions  on one-stop sourcing platform will inspire and enthuse visitors about the innovations and the potential business opportunities. Especially, stay updated on a new trend that shape the future packaging, ProPak Vietnam 2021 will showcase a Smart Packaging Zone that has married an intensive innovation and a strong tech together, committing a place to learn new idea and figure out the business roadmap for all trade visitors.   This year, Informa Markets Vietnam, the organizer of ProPak Vietnam 2021, will launch the hybrid version that have both virtual and physical, in-person components to engage the international community. “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced countermeasures to ensure business continuity in our marketplaces – allowing and assuring our buyers and sellers their ability to connect not only when trade exhibitions are permitted, but also when communication and commerce move online and when health and safety measures require social distancing. Wherever buyers and sellers may be located, using our online solutions, we ensure our trade events remain effective with extended reach via the internet. » - Tee Boon Teong, General Manager – Informa Markets Vietnam.     Date & Time: 9h – 17h | 28 – 30 July 2021 Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention (SECC) – 799 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City More

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