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  • Automatic Pouch Filling-Sealing Machine - ZAY LON

    Zaylon Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. Over the years, it has been adhering to continuous improvement of technology, specializing in the design, development, manufacture and sales of various food packaging equipment and food processing equipment, especially in All kinds of automatic packaging equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, meat processing, prepared food and frozen prepared food production lines are the most specialized!     TOP-8-230 Automatic Pouch Filling-Sealing Machine     Features     Multifunction packing solution to integrate various weighing system, liquid filling pump, auger filler, etc.  Flexible applications for solid, liquid, solid & liquid mixture, paste, frozen food, prepared food and powder product.  Flexible applications for various pre-made bag as 4-side sealed pouch, standing pouch, tube pouch and zipper pouch. Fully water-proof for cleaning. Japan Omron PLC Control. Japan Omron HMI touch screen. Safety device distributed around the machine to ensure the safety. The width of all grippers width can be changed simultaneously by one switch, humanized design for saving of the manpower and time.  Display of abnormal faults as seal wire broken, overload and insufficient air supply.      Applicable     Mixture product: Prepared food, beef soup, tapioca ball, agar jelly, Konjac, coconut jelly, spaghetti sauce, side dish, etc. Liquid & paste product: Chicken essence, soup, sauce, juice, jam, health drink, etc. Solid product: Cookie, rice cracker, candy, snack, candied fruit, braised dishes, mini sausage, bean, coffee bean, pet food, etc. Frozen product: Chicken nuggets, dumpling, meat ball, fish ball, seafood, frozen soy beans, hot pot ingredients, frozen vegetables, etc. Powder product: Seasoning powder, food additives, etc.      Specifications     Model TOP-8-230 Dimension (L) 2082 mm x (W) 1930 mm x (H) 1486 mm Bag Size (W) 80-230 mm, (L) 100-350 mm Bag Material Laminated Bag, Aluminum Foil Bag, PE Bag Capacity 10~45 bags/min (Depends on product property and package weight.) Water Consumption Seal Cooling 2 L/min (Air Suction Device 7 L/min) Air Consumption 200 L/min Power 3Φ, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3kW More

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  • Navigating the ebb and flow of the plant-based market

    In an era where health and environmental consciousness reign supreme, the culinary landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Dietary choices are no longer mere routines; they have become powerful statements reflecting our concern for personal well-being and the planet’s welfare. One such transformation that has captured the spotlight is the rise of plant-based diets including the proliferation of alternative protein meat substitutes.   The journey of plant-based eating began with lofty promises of healthier living and a lighter ecological footprint. Meat substitutes, once hailed as the holy grail of conscientious consumption, have experienced their share of ups and downs in the limelight.   The allure of products like Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger captivated a community of conscious consumers seeking better choices for their bodies and the environment. The proliferation of plant-based foods has been a sensation, infiltrating fast-food chains, restaurant menus, and grocery stores worldwide.   A staggering projection by Precedence Research sets the size of the global plant-based food market at $136.7 billion (US$87.2 billion) by 2032, up from $62 billion (US$39.8 billion) in 2022, underscoring the movement’s trajectory. In the Australian landscape, in its Protein Roadmap, CSIRO projects the plant-based protein industry will reach $9 billion by 2030.   Recent controversies however have unveiled the dark side of some meat alternatives – heavy processing and unhealthy additives – in the endeavour to replicate the taste and texture of meat. The employment of genetically engineered yeast cultures to mimic heme-protein raises questions about the intersection of technology and nature.   Moreover, the potential allergenicity of plant proteins like soy, wheat, and pea adds another layer of complexity for consumers with specific dietary needs. Some consumers even expressing concerns that certain kinds of plant proteins (especially those from soy) are obtained from genetically modified (GMO) sources.   At present, many plant-based meat-replacement choices hold a notable price premium across various categories. A research collaboration between Good Food Institute (GFI) and Mindlab explored the influence of price on purchase intent and a consumers’ willingness to pay more for plant-based items. When directly questioned, price placed second to taste as the most crucial element influencing their purchase decision.   GFI reports that $22 billion (US$14.2 billion) dollars of private capital has been invested into the alternative protein sector over the past decade, with many mainstream protein manufacturers investing themselves.   While the market appears today to be going through a shakedown or recalibration, with companies like Beyond Meat reporting a 35 per cent downturn in sales, it is anticipated that the market will continue to evolve.   source More

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  • Proved to be an unforgettable event, Propak West Africa returns in September 2024

    This month, Propak West Africa returned to Lagos, Nigeria for its highly anticipated 10th Edition, welcoming 4,931 industry stakeholders through the doors to visit 152 exhibitor stands, showcasing the newest innovations from over 200 brands along with exciting live demonstrations of the latest equipment in action on the exhibition floor.     This year’s edition, marking 10 years of Propak took place from 12 – 14 September 2023, saw industry professionals from across the packaging, plastics, printing and food processing industries unite under one roof to source the latest products and solutions to take their supply chain to the next level. This year’s event was opened by welcome remarks from Marilyn Obaisa-Osula, Associate Director, ESG/Sustainability at KPMG in Nigeria, Aruna Oshiokamele, Managing Director at Tetra Pak West Africa and Segun Ajayi-Kadir, Director General at Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) alongside an official introduction and address from George Pearson, Regional Director of Afrocet Montgomery.     The exhibition halls were packed out with brands from all corners of the globe represented, international exhibitors included: Alps Machine, Coperion, Dura Impex, Galaxy Sivtek, Hilda Automation, Illinois Enterprises Co., Miele, Neofyton, Reifenhäuser, Serac, Stavian and Transworld Multipurpose Industries to name just a few. Organisers were also thrilled to receive much support from the local market with many leading suppliers present including ADECO, Beaumont Industrial Services, Boustani & Partners, CIS Buro, Esspak, Integrated Power Technologies Ltd, Mercongraphic, Msquare and Scube, Newlord Nigeria, Pacegate, Samtech, Tekniteed and Volpak.     Onsite, at this year’s special edition of Propak West Africa, George Pearson said “As organisers we are thrilled Propak West Africa has reached the 10-year milestone. Since its launch, Propak West Africa has firmly established its status as the leading platform for local and international suppliers to meet, network, and do business with the biggest names in manufacturing in the West African region.  From its humble beginnings back in 2012, the exhibition has seen the overall size increase by over 300%, a testament to how Propak West Africa continues to be an influential and effective platform for both companies looking to establish and develop their footprints in the region”     Once again, the high-level conference programme returned to Propak this year with Organisers thrilled to have partnered with KPMG Nigeria as well as Institute of Packaging Nigeria in assembling a 2-day conference agenda which saw an esteemed line-up of speakers take the stage to share their expert knowledge and insight on the future of packaging and key market trends to watch out for in a series of presentations and panel discussions.     Propak West Africa 2023 certainly proved to be an unforgettable event, with such a positive reception from the industries in the region attendees and exhibitors alike were overwhelmingly pleased with the event. Organisers were thrilled to have been able to celebrate a decade of Propak with such a successful event demonstrating the platform’s retained importance for the manufacturing sectors in West Africa.     This year’s exhibition saw a fantastic onsite rebooking of 65% of the exhibition floorspace sold, which is an excellent indicator for exhibitor's expectations of continued success at Propak West Africa’s return in 2024 on 10 – 12 September. Organisers are looking forward to welcoming back the industries next year, with the event well on course for further growth.     For further information on next year’s event and where your company could fit in, do visit the website or get in touch today. Tsitsi Musumhi [email protected] +44 207 886 3032 More

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