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    Customizing the packaging: THE FUTURE OF PACKAGING

    Adapting the pack to the product, which we are marketing, is a trend that is becoming stronger because of its effectiveness: it generates added value and identifies the brand. Getting to that customized pack requires a long process and consumes resources, but despising it is an error, given that it can contribute rather much. l Cecilia Pont*     * Designer and director at Cecilia Pont.     When making the first sales, each one of us carrying out an endeavor is facing the same question: how to develop the packaging in an attractive, but not very expensive way?When you start a business, the concern is usually exclusively focused on the product you are trying to market. The packaging is then relegated to a second plane. This type of thinking is associated with the initial instance of a project: when there is a concrete need to choose where to focus since the resources are scarce.    As the business grows—and I found that this happens in many cases—the way to present the product becomes increasingly important, while the time and resources devoted to developing it become more important as well.   As a designer, I understand that there are basic principles, which must be taken into account so as the design of the packaging will be effective: above all, it needs to be functional, but at the same time it must be simple enough so that the product is not eaten. Thinking of a package, which accompanies the product instead of choosing a generic one, is the best way to take advantage of the presentation to enhance our business.       Customized development   The first step to thinking about a package, which is organic to the product and which we try to market, is to conduct a market research. It is necessary to explore all available options, make comparisons and to do a detailed study on the advantages of each of the proposals with which we meet.   Finally and after an exhaustive search and analysis process, it is time to create your own proposal. Most of the time and at the beginning, what happens is that we do not have the necessary resources available to invest everything we would want in the packaging. The main focus is on the quality of the product, and there is a conscious choice to allocate most of the resources there   Most SMEs grow organically and, unless you have a large initial investment, it is a long process until we have the resources we intend to develop the packaging, which is most consistent with the product. During this process, it is necessary to remember that the pack is a great ally for commercialization.       Aesthetics of the hand with functionality   One of the first decisions to be taken upon deciding to move forward with the creation of a customized packaging is related to materials. There is always a difference between those being cheaper and those having an added value, such as being eco-friendly or handmade. This decision must be taken while bearing in mind that the packaging represents the product and the ideals of the company to align with what the company proposes.   Moreover, the material has the ability to be durable or disposable. Durable packaging has a double function: not only do they add an extra value to the product, which the customer appreciates, but they are also a constant reminder of the brand. For my pieces of jewelry, I choose a durable packaging that my consumers keep to store their pieces.   Aesthetic values are an important choice as well. A good idea is to stay in the classic lines and colors if we are marketing a colorful product. In this way, we generate a contrast and avoid the competition in the product packaging. You can opt for a colorful packaging to generate an impact when we are working with a product of more neutral tonalities or when we seek to generate a strong identification of the brand.   Another dimension of aesthetics has to do with sizes: generating specialized packaging for each product adds a value that is not negligible. It generates a sense of personalization that dresses the product and makes it look more important. When the packaging besides being cute is designed to serve the product, you feel when you open it that you have bought a piece with the value of the work printed on it.     In addition to thinking about the packaging depending on the market and the product in the catalog, we must take into account which consumers we are targeting. If you are a wholesaler, it is important to think about the way how you want to present the product.     It is convenient to discuss all these issues with a designer, be present in the design process, and allow him to propose ideas. The choice of that professional designer is very important, since he will have a lot of influence on the realization of the pack. Your point of view is paramount to achieve a result, which is effective in quality, design and price.       A packaging for each product   The packaging is the basics for all products, but we must recognize that its importance also depends on the type of product, which we are marketing. When we work with a design product, we expect the packaging to be up to it. As in any case, if it is a female accessory, we are facing a pack that acquires even greater importance. This must be taken into account because many times while embarking on a venture we fail to consider it. There are masculine, feminine, youthful packs, and this can be imagines for each packaging. The packaging design is a separate world in which it is necessary to submerge so as to find the most appropriate one.   The way of presenting the product can be defining when placed in prestigious outlets. Of course, it is always the quality of the product that makes them competitive and attractive, but detracting from the importance of packaging is an error, since it is the framework, which surrounds what we intend to market.   In addition to punishing the packaging depending on the market and the product in the catalog, we must take into account which customers we are going to target: whether it is a retailer, wholesaler, in case if we are working with other brands. If you are a wholesaler, it is important to think about the way how you want to present the product to your customers.       Valuation by customers   Experience has shown me that thinking of an ad hoc packaging is highly valued. This can be seen in the feedback given by customers, which is a very important element for evaluating the actions taken in an enterprise.   It is crucial to listen to the voice of those who consume our products so as to identify if we are falling into any of the most common mistakes when designing a packaging. We can finish with an uncomfortable pack or if the materials are not of good quality and do not support the product well. It may also be that it does not completely identify the brand or that it becomes unusable once the product is removed. One way to evaluate if we fall into any of those examples is to listen to our customers, establish a dialogue to find out what happens with that package once it leaves our store.   More


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