To make your product stand out, design must be the priority element. And the logo is the soul of your brand, people will recognize your product when they immediately see your logo. – Irina Chen

Nowadays, millions products in the market. We all know that we will pick up the product that have a good reputation or special design. Like the world famous cola, they have classic bottle design and logo. And customer recognize their product by their iconic logo. There are 3 reasons why the logo is important for your brand.

In this new generation, customer only has short attention. So how to grab the attention is become a competition in the brands. Conspicuous logo will help the brand win in this war and distinguish from other competitor. No matter the simple or difficult design, It’s only need to attract people. Besides, memorable logo built the connection with the customer when the brand grows. It keeps in the customer’s head. When they pass by your product, they will recall by seeing your logo.

Most company like to magnify their logo on product. Except grabbing the attention, It’s a good way to know this product is belonged to the company. When the logo is been show up in the advertising program, more people will recognize the company.

The design of logo narrate the story and image of the brand. People will still remember the logo after years. Thus, It has became a representative of company.

When the brand is growing, there will be more and more customers. And It always has loyalty crowd. They trust your brand. No matter there is a new competitor, they will still buy your product. But there is a warning, redesigning the logo reduce the amount of this kind of consumers. They need to spend time to search the new logo. It’s a risk to lose the customer when they lose their patient.