WU-HSING was established in 1991 and has been dedicated to the research, design, and professional manufacturing of various types of sealers and vacuum sealers.  For over 30 years, we have maintained all-machine-made-in-Taiwan and our products have been marketed to many countries worldwide.  WU-HSING offers a diverse range of products to meet different customer needs, allowing customers to choose the most suitable machine based on sealing material, size, operation mode, and other conditions.  We also provide customization services to meet specific requirements.


WU-HSING offers a variety of vacuum sealers, which provide several advantages such as extended freshness, prevention of product oxidation, and reduction of product volume.  They are suitable for applications in the food, book, hardware parts, and fluffy product industries, among others.


Our LMV series of large vacuum sealers feature vertical sealing packaging, with adjustable sealing height ranging from 70 to 110 centimeter, making them suitable for heavier products. The nozzle-type design can accommodate various shapes of vacuum packaging bags. The instant heating machine does not require preheating, and the dual-sided heating sealing can be used for thicker or multi-layer packaging bags, as well as pure sealing. The oil-free pump is suitable for dry product packaging.


For other sealing product needs, please feel free to contact WU-HSING.