S.SHIN CO., LTD sales over domestic and foreign market. We manufacture various mixers, powder grinders, and screw conveyors for biochemistry, pharmaceutics, food, and chemical industry company. S.SHIN CO., LTD. has plentiful manufacturing experience which meets GMP requirements and reaches the qualification of pharmaceutics and foods with outstanding reputation due to our extensive and sound responsibility.


S. Shin Co., Ltd. is Professional manufacturer of Mixer, Packaging Machine, Mill, Cutting Crush, Powder Grinder, Sieving Machine.


  • Application

    • Foodstuff:Rice, Salt, MSG, Sugar, Corn, Kaoliang, Agar-Agar, Ginger, Pepper, Spices, Red Bean, Soybean, Pea, Wheat, Oat, Rice Bran, Grain Powder, Fish Powder, Pearl, Banana Chip..
    • Chemical:ABS, PE, EVA, PVC, TPE, Rubber, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Husk, Gypsum, ORE, Fertilizer, Zinc Oxide , Aluminum Oxide,Cobalt Oxide,Copper Oxide,Calcium Oxide, Titanium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Presticides, Talcum Powder.
  • Features

    • Rugged Construction:The simplified construction of crusher without inside filter screen, featuring minimum trouble and extra long service life.
    • Minimum Wear:The machine employs air turbo milling, providing minimum contact with material. Minimum wear of milling, especially when grinding beans and grains.
    • Versatile Application:The special milling action ensures excellent milling quality for organic or non-organic materials.
    • Easy to Maintain:The upper housing is easy to open, permitting easy access to inside mechanism for added convenience of cleaning.
    • Labor Saving:Volumetric material infeed reduces labor requirement.
    • Powerful Blowing:The turbo mill provides proper air flow and air pressure for material milling and delivering.
    • Enclosed Construction:The fully enclosed machine construction absolutely avoids powder leakage.
  • Specification

    Model Inner dia. of mill Roation Speed (R.P.M) Power Reuirement vol of exhaust air(m3/min)
    STM-250 Ø250mm(10 inches) 4500 15~20 HP 6 ~ 10
    STM-400 Ø400mm(16 inches) 3500 40~50 HP 10 ~ 20
    STM-600 Ø600mm(24 inches) 2800 60~75 HP 18 ~ 30
    STM-800 Ø800mm(32inches) 2400 125 HP 24 ~ 40
    Depends On Crushing Products