AllenPack has been producing and selling shrink packaging materials since 1980. With solid core technology, a strong operational team, robust processing capabilities, high-quality stability, and high production efficiency, AllenPack is well-known in the industry. We strive to strengthen our research and development capabilities, giving our products a strong international competitive advantage, which has helped us successfully expand into overseas markets and sell worldwide.


With over 40 years of industry experience, AllenPack has continually innovated in product and process research and development. Our main products include shrink film materials such as PVC, PET, POF, and PE. Our products offer significant advantages in terms of compliance and the shrinkage of customer products.


In addition to shrinking and packaging materials, AllenPack has also expanded its product line to include packaging machinery. With our professional and experienced R&D team, AllenPack’s sleeving machine meets customer needs for a one-stop service. We provide stable, highly efficient, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-maintain machines to our customers, helping them save labor costs and improve productivity.


Taking advantage of our machines, we won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2021 and have also sold them worldwide. "Experts in the Shrink-Packaging Field - Total Solutions for Shrink Sleeve Labels" is what we strive to achieve. AllenPack will continue to provide b better service and continuously develop more efficient machinery to meet our clients' needs.