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PVC 收縮膜(Polyvinyl Chloride Shrink Film for Packaging)

產品名稱 :

PVC 收縮膜(Polyvinyl Chloride Shrink Film for Packaging)

As a leading Shrink Film Manufacturer, we provide first-rate PVC Shrink Film.
PVC Shrinkable Film is suitable for all types of food, chemical products and sport equipment use, in line with the use of automatic and semi-automatic machines to reduce cost.
Suitable for all types of food, chemical products, hardware, soap, sport equipment, etc. and in line with the use of automatic and semi-automatic machines to reduce cost. Our tight quality control produce high quality films in its luminosity, transparence, completely hermetic, anti-humidity, and anti-dust to help efficiently improve merchandises’ value.

特色 :

Printable up to 9 colors.
Glossy and transparent. It is a good and economical shrink film for packaging in this competitive market.

規格 :

PVC Polyolefin P.E P.P
Style Flat Center- Folded Flat Center- Folded Flat Center- Folded Flat/Center- Folded
Thickness mm 0.025~0.05 0.017~0.04 0.015~0.019 0.015~0.019 0.03~0.3 0.025~0.05 0.013~0.025
Width mm 150~750 150~750 8"~25" 8"~25" 3"~55 12"~28 8"~25"
Length M 1000 500 2664 2134 1332 1067 6000 1000 -
Shrink Ratio% MD 40±5 TD 40±5 MD 60±5 TD 60±5 MD 70±5 TD 30±5 MD 65±5 TD 35±5 MD 60±5 TD 60±5




-100% T/T in advance, OR
-After received signed PI and Deposit as order confirmation, balance before mailing of original documents, OR
-100% L/C as order confirmation
*We reserve the rights to change payment term without notice.


Country of Origin : Taiwan (certificate of original available upon request with your order)
Minimum Order : please contact our sales team
Delivery Details : PE bags, carton, PP strip, EPE sheet, stretch film, pallets
Lead Time : 30 Days (this is an estimate/average. For more exact lead time, please contact our sales team)
FOB Port : Kaohsiung, Taiwan
*We reserve the rights to change above listed term without notice.

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