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Product Name :


Application :

  • Applicable packing products : Granules, melon seeds, candy, sugar, peanuts, beans, tea......etc.
  • Applicable packing materials : PET+PE+Aluminum Foil+PE, OPP+PE, other laminated heat-sealable materials.
  • Standard Equipment : 1 toolbox containing, 1 box wrench, 1 hexaglnal wrench, 1 screwdriver. One set of Conveyor.
  • Optional Equipment : Quantity warning deviceDate coder device. Product input conveyor.

Features :

  • Equipped with photo-cell device to ensure to ensure extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting
  • This model produces pillow type packaging
  • Equipped with product counting device
  • All components in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel, conforming to sanitation standards
  • Convenient adjustment of package size
  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated
  • We can design machines in accordance with your request
  • Machine can equip with vibration loading system for hard-flow packaging product as an optional device.
  • PLC control + Pneumatic sealing provides excellent packaging performance.

Specification :

Packaging type pillow type packaging
Packaging weight 3-100g(depends on product density)
Packaging size 100-340mm(unfolded film width), 50-200mm(product length) (other sizes are available upon request)
Packaging speed About 30-60bag/min.
Motor 1/2HP
Power supply 110/220V,50/60HZ,Single phase (can be made upon request)
Machine dimensions 150 x 105 x 180 cm (Approximately)
Packing dimensions 280 x 124 x 300 cm (Approximately)
Net weight 350kgs
Gross weight 480kgs

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