About Chuan Peng Enterprise :

In 1999, our company started receiving orders from the design department. We built our broad customer base with our strong foundation on design. Both Chairman Chen and President Sung emphasized on innovating colorful packaging to satisfy the increasing customer demand on rate and quality of delivery.
With the establishment of Chuan Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd. in 2006, quality in both service and products were increased with prompt delivery. The strong team was able to enter into full scale production. From the receipt of orders, design to production, the company only uses high quality raw materials from Japan and renown Taiwanese companies, like Nanya and Shinkong – With no added plasticizers and conforming to SGS standards in printing, laminating, slitting, etc.
The company achieved Rheinland TÜV ISO 9001:2008 quality certification in 2011. With a philosophy of adopting leading technology, emphasis on quality, and customer needs, efforts have been put into research and developing high quality flexible packaging materials – with a wide range of applications, ranging from food to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company has also improved the management structure and established a strong corporate culture.
Professional Team We have an outstanding professional team across different departments – marketing, design, management, sales, export, and production – delivering high quality products. In terms of technology, we engage in cutting edge technology like the computerized eight color rotogravure printing machine and the computerized multi-functional bag forming machine. This represents the company’s effort and passion. We uphold our management philosophy “In Search of Excellence, In search of outstanding performance”. With gratitude and humility towards our customers, suppliers and employees, we will ensure the stable growth of the company. Focusing on improving “quality, service, and speed”, we aspire to be the leader in flexible packaging industry in Taiwan.

Company :

Chuan Peng Enterprise is established by a professional technology teamFood packaging / coffee bag packaging / tea bag packaging / grain packaging / fresh fruit and ice packagingChuan Peng Enterprise equipment is distributed to many well-known companies internal. Our products has been also marketed to Japan, Mainland, Hong-Kong, southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, North, as well as south central country in America. The company spread their business to overseas, and has the branch office in Mainland China. The brand has established its footholds worldwide in each main country. Chuan Peng Enterprise runs business with the concept of “Customer supremacy and Best quality". In spite of continuously raising the quality of the machine, we also put our emphasis and efforts on innovation. We pursue the perfection and enthusiasm for our customers which has made our company into the symbolic of high quality. Chuan Peng Enterprise in order to meet the market demand, our company has research and develop complete Food packaging / coffee bag packaging / tea bag packaging / grain packaging / fresh fruit and ice packagingChuan Peng Enterprise Our products include_once:Food packaging / coffee bag packaging / tea bag packaging / grain packaging / fresh fruit and ice packagingChuan Peng Enterprise etc. The product supplied to industries in pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering, electronics, and hi-tech field. Chuan Peng Enterprise design the products based on humanity operation. We select the electronic controlling spare parts from the internationally well-known factory regardless of the high cost. It makes the production-line operation much easier, and also provides the fluency and stability for machine running. The operators could completely control every single function of the machine in the shortest time without any professed knowledge background. It would not only greatly reduce your cost disbursement, but also enhance you in the competition of production ability.

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