About ALTA Publishing Company:

The Packaging & Food (PF) magazine is a specialized business magazine that provides information about the latest developments and technologies in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries. PF readers are widely distributed over various trades, such as wholesalers, importers / exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, trade association, chambers of commerce and so forth. The magazine serves as a reference tool in their projects to learn about the latest equipments and services provided by other companies involved in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries. It is circulated to the desktop of leading decision makers engaged in the above mentioned industries throughout the Asia and Middle East countries and is published on a quarterly basis (four times a year) in English language with the Arabic text presented alongside.
Circulated on a yearly basis, Buyers Guide is an annual serving as a bridge between buyers and sellers in the industry of packaging and food. Giving away freely at myriads of tradeshows around the world at all times of a year, it not only makes it easier for companies to have access to their potential buyers, but also save plenty of time for those who visit the tradeshows with the hope of finding the ideal products on their mind. By placing an advertisement in Buyers Guide, companies can greatly reduce their cost in promoting their products with almost the same effect as actually participating in the tradeshows themselves. As long as companies make good use of Buyers Guide, traveling and shipping expenses will no longer be a heavy burden for most of them. As a result, they could be highly cost competitive in the market. In addition to reducing the cost, Buyers Guide also makes it easier for potential buyers to collect much more systematically the information of the companies in the industry of packaging and food in that they are all included in one book. The convenience it brings about greatly increases the opportunities for the ad of every company to be viewed carefully and repeatedly.
Furthermore, Buyers Guide in the meantime facilitates the cultivation of the markets around the world by sending the right information to the hands of buyers in a wide range of counties, which are generally considered of great potential, Asia and the Middle East in particular. With an ad in Buyers Guide, opening markets outside your home country has become easier than ever. For all those reasons, more and more companies choose it as an efficient tool to help achieve their ambitious goals.

Company :

ALTA Publishing Company is established by a professional technology teamWeb Design/ Catalogue Design/ Poster Design/ Magazine PublishingALTA Publishing Companyequipment is distributed to many well-known companies internal. Our products has been also marketed to Japan, Mainland, Hong-Kong, southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, North, as well as south central country in America. The company spread their business to overseas, and has the branch office in Mainland China. The brand has established its footholds worldwide in each main country. ALTA Publishing Company runs business with the concept of “Customer supremacy and Best quality". In spite of continuously raising the quality of the machine, we also put our emphasis and efforts on innovation. We pursue the perfection and enthusiasm for our customers which has made our company into the symbolic of high quality. ALTA Publishing Company in order to meet the market demand, our company has research and develop complete Web Design/ Catalogue Design/ Poster Design/ Magazine PublishingALTA Publishing Company Our products include_once:Web Design/ Catalogue Design/ Poster Design/ Magazine PublishingALTA Publishing Companyetc. The product supplied to industries in pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering, electronics, and hi-tech field. ALTA Publishing Companydesign the products based on humanity operation. We select the electronic controlling spare parts from the internationally well-known factory regardless of the high cost. It makes the production-line operation much easier, and also provides the fluency and stability for machine running. The operators could completely control every single function of the machine in the shortest time without any professed knowledge background. It would not only greatly reduce your cost disbursement, but also enhance you in the competition of production ability.

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